There are two possibilities, how to define, where the digital signature will be placed on the document:

  • Choose that the signature should be placed on the bottom right corner of the document
  • use sign tags 

However, the sign process is in both cases the same.

1. Upload the pdf that has to be signed. Click ‘Browse’

2. After the document has been uploaded successfully, you see a thumbnail of it. Click ‘Next Step’ to continue

3. Look at and discuss the document. If the document has multiple pages, click ‘Next page’. Finally, click ‘Next Step’ to continue

4. Ask your participant to click ‘sign’

This is what the host (you) sees:

This is what your participant sees:

5. After your participant has clicked ‘sign’, a new browser tab opens. Your participant has to scroll through the whole document until he sees the red square for the signature. Your participant has to click on the red square.

6. Your participant has to choose that he wants to receive a SMS link. Then he fills in his mobile number and clicks ‘send’

7. Your participant receives a link via SMS and clicks on the link. Your participant signs digitally and confirms by clicking ‘OK’

8. Your participant goes back to his browser tab and confirms the signature by clicking ‘Done’

9. A popup appears, and your participant confirms, by clicking ‘Yes’

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is absolutely essential that your participant confirms the signature and closes the browser tab properly in order to complete the sign process successfully.

10. After the document has been signed successfully, the status of the document changes to ‘signed’. You can now continue with your script by clicking ‘Next Step’