A script contains nodes. All nodes have the following structure:

<node id="NodeName" type="XYZ">









  • Each node has a unique “node id”. We suggest to avoid blanks in the node id

  • A node has a type. The following types are available: File, Form, Choice, Email, ShowBrowse, ShowbrowseReverse, Template, Upload and Sign

  • Each node has a name

  • A node can have a title and additional text fields

  • A node has content, depending on the type. See further for all possibilities

  • Nodes can be made invisible for the client (use visible="false")

  • Each node can end with a goto field. Here the name of the next node is mentioned

  • Optionally a node can have actions. We support the following actions:

An alert (pop up notification)


<action type="Alert" trigger="Next" fireOnce="true" text="Are you sure?" />


An email


<action type="Mail" trigger="Load" fireOnce="true" text="The user completes the form!"    

email="john@yourcompany.com" />


Last step of a participant


<action type="ClientReady" trigger="Load" fireOnce="true" />




A user can visit this node multiple times, but the action is executed once.


The action is performed when loading the node.


The action is performed when stepping to the next node.