Autogenerate documents

In a script, PDF documents can be autogenerated. Those documents can be emailed as attachment, signed, and downloaded by the user and the participant. 

In order to generate a document, go to templates and create a new one. Give this template a code, description, and start filling it. 

The template can be filled with fields gathered during the script. 

Each template has a unique code and description. Fill in a unique code and description for the template (here: template1 & My first template). 

These are the field names from the Code snippet - Fill in a form.

birth name
family name
Full Name of the User 
= Frank 
= Smith
= Idiligo


My first template
Hello [flow:birth name] [flow:family name],

thank you for today´s online conversation.

Sincerely yours

[user:Full Name]

Now check the script by running 'Start new session'.

In the Idiligo-Frontend it looks like this:

Hello Frank Smith,

thank you for today´s online conversation.

Sincerely yours,


Tip watch: Video: Create your own Script (basic) to create your first own Script.